Charter Competition

Finally, City Council members get it. Slowed-down reforms mean DCPS may not be able to compete with rapidly improving charter schools. But will the unions get it?

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The Next Wave of IMPACT Firings

From the wapo. To his credit, Mayor Gray has not backed off this one.

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Why the CA Bill to Crack Down on Sex-Offender Teachers Failed


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Millions of Extra Pay for Master’s Degrees

But little evidence that the degrees make a difference.

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Terry Moe on Technology and Unions

The decline in union membership, at least in 2012, seems to have its roots in factors other than technology. But he still has a point.

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What Does George Will Hate the Most?

Today, he weighs teachers unions against single parent (poor, minority) families. It’s a struggle for Will, but in the end he comes out slightly in favor of the unions. Humorous stuff.

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Choosing Sides

The teachers unions have hated Obama’s school reforms. Hated. But when forced to choose in the upcoming Presidential race, the NEA weighed the likely outcomes and chose … Obama.

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Cost of DC Education

AEI lays out some spending data on per-student costs at DCPS.

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Prepping for “Won’t Back Down”

Always interesting to watch the counter arguments to the parent trigger. Courtesy of Solon.

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‘Bar’ Exam for Teachers?

Randi Weingarten at Aspen. Teachers unions are fine with input measures — graduate degrees, observations about whether you are teaching in the preferred style. Output measures, such as whether students are actually learning, are less preferred. By far.

Yes, lawyers face bar exams, but more importantly they face real-world evaluations from the managing directors of their firms. Are they performing effectively? If they aren’t, they get bounced. Teachers object to abiding by parallel measures, saying they would be subjected to school office politics. Law firms have no such politics. Newsrooms? The real point is that if school leaders were truly held to performance accountability standards, they would retain their best teachers regardless of personal dislikes. Because if they didn’t, they would be the first to get bounced.

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